7 Tips to Create a Productive Home Office

Being able to work from home is an unbelievable perk yet most people feel as if they are not nearly as productive in their home as they would be at their office. We are here to give you a few tips that will assuredly maximize your productivity within your home office.Ensure a Quiet and Peaceful SpaceYou know very little work is going to get done when all you can hear is the TV at full volume on top of people banging around in the kitchen and living room. This is why finding a quiet corner in the house is the number one most important tip when looking to create a home office. If you cannot escape the craziness of your home and family then there is no way you are going to find yourself being productive.
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Photo courtesy of Mojomal NewsDeclutter Often and RuthlesslyA productive space is not a space with old coffee cups, stacks of useless papers and half-read books laying around. Get rid of everything that does not have a purpose and I guarantee you will feel so much better about your office space.
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Incorporate Tons of StorageThe rule “a place for everything and everything in its place” is very relevant when it comes to create a functional and productive work space. It is inevitable that papers will pile up like crazy but there is no doubt that having a clean and organized office will relieve stress and allow you to focus on what is important. Plan out your storage spaces thoughtfully and think a little outside the box. Filing cabinets are not the most attractive piece of furniture, so see what else could be used instead. Built in shelving, bookcases, storage containers, think outside of the box and see what works best in your space.
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Include Adequate LightingWhen creating your home office, try and find a space that is near a window. Natural light is the best light to have and should be fully taken advantage of. For nights and cloudy days when the natural light is absent, your home office should have both general and task lighting. A solid desk lamp with exposure over your entire desk is essential when both reading and writing.
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Incorporate the Right ColoursThe psychology of color is indeed a real thing and it has been proven time and time again.  Particular colors allow for different emotional responses from individuals and therefore should be used with caution, especially in a home office. It is known that greens and blues are considered cool colors that elicit peaceful and relaxing vibes. Blues are known to be the best colours for bedrooms as they are said to bring about feelings of sleepiness and therefore should only be used as accent colours for your home office. On the other hand, green is known to foster concentration and add a sense of vitality to a space, making it an ideal colour for your home office. Neutral colours of white, tan, and gray are comfortable hues and therefore are not distracting and work perfectly for an office.
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Make the Space PersonalIt is important to enjoy your office space or you will dread having to work in there all day. Add personal touches (photographs, art, plants, decor, etc) that will make you happy. Anything goes as long as it will not distract you and take away from your productivity.
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