How to Create a Farmhouse Style Bathroom

Homey, classic and charming are all ways to describe the farmhouse style trend that is so popular right now in the world of interior design. This aesthetic incorporates so many different kinds of earthy textures and tones that look good in just about any room, especially the bathroom. Whether you want to remain vintage and traditional with the farmhouse design or go a little outside the box and incorporate some modern touches, we are here to show you how to achieve a bathroom that the farmhouse queen herself Joanna Gaines would be proud to show off.FlooringThe flooring for your farmhouse bathroom can really be just about anything as long as it plays off the look that you are going for. Thinking about a more traditional look? Think about using some rustic dark wooden planks. Want a more modern design? How about a lighter shade of wooden floors as they add a more minimalist style to the space. Are wooden floors a little bit too boring for you? Incorporate some traditional mosaic tile that will add a rustic yet sophisticated look that is bound to wow.
Photo courtesy of Improvenet
WallsThe most popular wall treatment for the farmhouse style design has to be shiplap. In a nutshell, shiplap can be described as a horizontal wooden board originally used on the exterior of buildings. If left untouched and natural, shiplap can give off an obvious rustic vibe, but it can also be easily elevated with a coat of paint. If you are not into the look of shiplap and would rather stick to paint, use cool or warm neutral colours and refrain from using bright colours in order to stay true to the farmhouse aesthetic.
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DoorsDoors are a fun way to add some character to a space, yet are often overlooked in the design process. Some fun and appropriate ideas for your farmhouse bathroom door can include; a sliding barn door, a swinging door, or door with rustic windows.
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Bath TubFreestanding clawfoot tubs are the epitome of vintage farmhouse style. They are beautiful pieces of decor that can create the ultimate wow factor in a bathroom. Want to go all in with the vintage look? Add a white sheer/lace curtain around the tub.  If you are lacking space and don’t have room for a freestanding tub, incorporate a glass enclosed walk-in shower with some rustic tile as an alternative.
Photo courtesy of House of Hargrove
VanityThe vanity that you choose for your farmhouse style bathroom should be the star of the show. There are so many colours, textures, and styles that you can incorporate so go with your personal style. If you are striving for a more rustic and vintage look, try and find a reclaimed piece of antique furniture to turn into a vanity or mix in some reclaimed wood or an oversized farmhouse sink. To go along with the more modern farmhouse look, incorporate a marble countertop with some white hues.
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LightingThe light fixtures you use in this bathroom have so much potential to add some farmhouse character and charm. The best advice for bathroom lighting in general is to layer. It is essential that you incorporate canned lighting, but also look for fun industrial and pendant light fixtures to add illumination.
Photo courtesy of A Blissful Nest
DecorThis is where you can really make the space your own. Add decor that will showcase your personality while simultaneously working with the farmhouse design style that you have going. Things like wicker baskets, ladder shelves, quirky little signs and containers, and greenery are perfect ways to finish off the look. Be sure not to go too overboard with the decor as it will just make the space look unorganized and unattractive.
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