How To Best Prepare For a Kitchen Remodel

There is no doubt that planning for a kitchen renovation is very stressful, as there is so much to be done, so many changes taking place, and it most definitely disrupts your everyday life. But it should also be an exciting time as well. Here are a few simple steps to take prior to your remodel that will help to minimize your stress during this time.Timing is everythingWhen scheduling a kitchen renovation and coming up with a timeline, be sure to consider what is going on during that time of year. Are your kids out of school for the summer? Maybe wait until the fall when they are out of the house all day and back at school. Any upcoming birthdays, holidays, or other family celebrations? If so, plan to celebrate these events outside of the house as the kitchen tends to be the area that people gather.Remove any and all home decorUnnecessary home furnishings such as family photos, mirrors, curtains, wall art etc. should be removed from the area and packed away until after the renovation in order to avoid them breaking or getting lost in the mix. Attempt to have these packed up and out of the way a week or so before the renovation begins as there will be so many last minute things you need to get done.Set aside your kitchen necessitiesPrior to your kitchen renovation be sure to set aside particular kitchen accessories that you will want access to regularly such as a coffee maker, a few utensils, can opener, and any other appliances/gadgets you find necessary. Depending on how long your renovation will be, you will want to set up a temporary space in your home to be your kitchen space, maybe a finished basement, a portion of your living room, or a spare bedroom.
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Pack up all dishes, pots/pans, appliances etc.Start packing up your kitchenware a week in advance in order to avoid the stress that will be caused doing it the night before. There are certain things you know you will not need throughout the renovation, so pack them in boxes or storage containers with bubble wrap, being particularly careful when it comes to fragile items like your dinnerware. Look around your house to see if there is any open storage space for these items in your basement, garage or spare bedroom. If not, look to rent a storage locker nearby to keep your belongings for the time being.Protect your floorsCover any floors in your home that are not being redone during your kitchen renovation. It is a smart idea to buy some leftover scraps of carpet and lay them over your finished floors in order to avoid them being destroyed during the remodel. In order to keep the carpet from sliding around on tile or hardwood, look to purchase some carpet padding.Move/cover nearby furnitureIf you have any furniture placed near the renovation site be sure to either cover it in plastic or remove it completely from the space in order to avoid any damage that might occur. Dust is an uncontrollable side effect of home renovation and moving and/or covering your furnishings will avoid them from getting dirty and will leave you with one less thing to do after the renovation is over.
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What about your petsThis is not only your home, but it is also your pets’ home as well so make sure that they are taken care of during this crazy time. Try and help them get adjusted to not using the kitchen a few days in advance by moving their food and water bowls. With people coming in and out of the house all day and doors opening and closing, be sure that there is a place where you can secure your pet in order to ensure that they do not run away. If you do not have a space for them or you believe that the renovation will be too stressful on them, plan for them to stay at a kennel or at a friend’s house for the duration of the time.Are you looking to tackle a kitchen renovation in the future? Click here to find the best professional in your area for the job.