6 Vintage Home Trends Making a Comeback in 2018

What used to be passé is now coming back onto the scene and is hotter than ever. Just as fashion trends come and go, so do home design trends. Whether they have been completely reinvented and become the perfect addition to your modern decor, or they have kept their original vintage charm, it is clear that these 6 trends are back on the scene in 2018.Clawfoot TubsWho doesn’t love taking a nice, warm bubble bath at the end of a cold, long day? Clawfoot tubs are a beautiful way to add a little vintage charm to your bathroom. They are elegant pieces of furniture that are bound to add a wow factor to any bathroom space. Unfortunately, they are quite large and take up a fair bit of space so it is not attainable for everyone to have but if space is not an issue, this is the perfect piece of furniturePhoto courtesy of RilaneDramatic MoldingMolding is a subtle but beautiful way to add some classic vintage charm to your home. Simplistic crown molding has remained a pretty relevant design trend, but more dramatic and extravagant molding is definitely making a comeback. Adding wainscoting, ceiling molding, and ceiling medallions are all ways to add character to any space, traditional or modern.Photo courtesy of Better Home & GardenPocket DoorThe revival of pocket doors is not a surprise, they are so practical and effective especially with small space living. Simply by adding a pocket door, you can close off a space to achieve privacy, or open it up for entertaining and fluidity. They can also be used to add some decorative detail to a space with a bright coat of paint or an interesting design.Photo courtesy of PinimgFloral PatternWhen we think of floral pattern used in interior design, I think we can all agree that our memory takes us right back to our grandmothers’ houses. Floral pattern has been brought back in a bigger and better way and will have you wondering why you were ever so down on it before. Designers have been using it in many ways, adding small floral details with throw pillows, bedding, or wall art, but they have also been using it to decorate entire spaces with the use of wallpaper, couches, and wall murals.Checkerboard Pattern FloorThere is a reason why we keep seeing black and white checkerboard flooring pop up in homes everywhere. It is so simple yet such a show stopper, traditional but also modern, and incredibly glamorous yet humble. It is typically used in kitchen spaces and entrance ways but now also being seen in bedrooms and bathrooms as well. Because black and white is so versatile, this style of flooring can work well with just about all colours, and design styles.Photo courtesy of Live JournalPatterned WallpaperUp until pretty recently, wallpaper was a total home decor no no. Since then, it has returned on the scene in a big way, with bold patterns and colours becoming a popular choice for interior designers. Wallpaper adds a sense of drama that just cannot be attained through the use of paint and allows you to add some personal flare to a space. Another bonus about wallpaper, it is relatively low in price and has minimal maintenance involved.Photo courtesy of Gold is a NeutralInspired by these vintage home trends on the rise and want to add them to your home? Click here to find the best contractor in your area for the job.