Best home improvements to start in Spring!

Best Home Improvement Projects to Start in Spring

written by Michael Keshen April 10, 2018
Best Home Improvement Projects to Start in Spring
When the snow stops falling and the winter jacket goes back into storage, for many homeowners that can only mean one thing: it’s reno season. The warmer weather means that you’re now able to finally fix whatever’s been bugging you about your home all winter long. But with so many improvements to choose from, which should you pick first?On HomeStars, we have service professionals from hundreds of categories that cover virtually every aspect of home improvement. According to our data, these are the most popular home improvement projects for Spring — so be sure to get a quote early and find the best contractor for your job before they’re all booked up!RoofingAfter the toll that yet another winter takes on your roof, it may finally be time to repair or replace it. The warmer weather means that it’s a lot easier and, most importantly, safer for workers to climb onto your roof and do their job effectively. If your roof is in urgent need of repair, you definitely will want to get an early start as most roofers receive an influx of requests as soon as the weather starts improving.Fences & GatesIt can be difficult to enjoy a family BBQ while your next door neighbour is sleeping in his lawn chair six feet away from you. Get the most out of your outdoor space by adding a fence or gate for privacy. You’ll also be able to let your little ones or pets enjoy the space while you have peace of mind that they won’t be going anywhere.LandscapingFrigid temperatures can do quite a bit of damage to your once perfectly-manicured lawn, which is why many homeowners are eager to get their yards into tip-top shape as soon as the final snow of the year melts. The sooner your lawn is back to normal, the more you’ll be able to enjoy it this year.Windows & DoorsKeeping the door or window open for more than a few minutes in the winter can lower the temperature of your whole home, so replacing or repairing them is best saved for the warmer months.Heating & Air ConditioningHeating and air conditioning work is done year round, but switching from one setting to the other can uncover new problems that you didn’t know that your home had, resulting in a spike in service requests from homeowners.DecksA deck allows for new ways to enjoy your home, connecting your home’s interior and exterior spaces. Spring is the ideal time to construct your deck so you can enjoy it for the entire summer. Just be sure to check with your municipality to see if you need a building permit so you don’t need to tear it down after all your hard work! Be sure to check our 5 deck-building tips article before you get started.Tree ServiceWhether you want to remove or trim a tree, spring is the perfect time of year for tree maintenance projects of any size. If you want to plant a brand new tree for your yard, this is especially good because you’ll be giving plenty of time for younger trees to mature enough to better withstand whatever winter throws at them.Moving & Storage
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Taking boots on and off during the winter while lugging heavy boxes and furniture isn’t an option, so many homeowners wait until Spring to make moving easier for everyone. Spring is busy enough as it is, so if you’re planning a big move at the end of a month or a long weekend then you’ll especially want to secure your moving company as early as possible.Handyman ServicesWinter can be uncomfortably long, giving plenty of time for odd jobs to pile up around your home. Give your list of to-dos to a handyman and get your home back to normal, including those outdoor projects that you couldn’t get to during the Winter.PlumbingBesides general wear and tear, changing temperatures can make pipes expand and contract, causing them to break. Spring is also a common time to begin remodelling your home, which often involves plumbing work to accommodate your new designs.